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March 24, 2022

Mission: DeFi EP 50 - Alex Svanevik founder of Nansen onchain analytics: How investors use for success, How they built a powerhouse in #DeFi & #NFTs, What they've learned & what means for the future

I can't think of a better guest for my 50th episode of the show. Alex Svanevik, his co-founders, and the team embody what DeFi is all about & their powerful model for growth is something from which we can all learn as we grow our own endeavors. 

Guest Name: Alex Svanevik

Guest Twitter:

Company Name: Nansen

Company Twitter:

Company URL:

- How and why they started their rapidly growing successful company

- How they met over an open source project that formed the foundations of their company

- How the mission of the company closely aligns with the name of the company

- How a crazy concept for an early journey to the North Pole inspired the company

- What they've gone through building the company

- How 2 of the 3 founders have never met in person

- How they achieved 20x growth in one year

- How they built a pricing model that led to a surge in signups.

- Why they price things the way they do.

- How their customers come up with many of the dashboards they create.

- What the value of the product is

- What is important in crypto in terms of transparency and how things are evolving.

- Their role in helping investors

- How the fundamental product changes how investors make decisions and how investors say they never invest without it.

- How much data they scan and process daily and yearly

- Why on chain metrics are so important.

- How they are like a media company more than just a data company

- One of the biggest problems they have with retaining users and how their investing to make it even easier for users.

- How their system is used by universities and exchanges

- How projects use Nansen to make product development decisions

- How they are building their new institutional products like APIs and others.

- How NFTs tripled their revenues and how a job applicant made it so.

- How he discovered Bored Apes and hashmasks using their product.

- What areas they see in their data and observations that are going to see major growth.

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