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Sept. 27, 2021

EP 15 - Zeus of Olympus DAO ($OHM)

EP 15 - Zeus of Olympus DAO ($OHM)

## Guest Info

Name of Guest: Zeus

Name of Project: Olympus DAO (OHM) 

Twitter URL of Guest:

Project Twitter URL:

Project URL:

Project/Guest Description:

Reserve currency protocol for DeFi

### Bitcoin Disappoints

Disappointment in Bitcoin and it's community can lead to amazing innovations.

Disenchanted because bitcoin kept shifting the narrative of what it was. It was no longer a currency and now was a "store of value". 

Michael Saylor being a hero of Bitcoiners was a big factor. Felt like the community only cared about somebody pumping their bags. 

### Turned to create something better

Ampleforth caught his eye. Found it to be super interesting 

Tried to hold a $1 peg by changing holder balances to change the value

He thought it was a big innovation.

Really hard to control price in a market with all the volatility and lack of liquidity

The important thing is value

Function of price and supply

Can't control price, but can influence price with supply. 

Thought that this kind of thing is what would replace bitcoin.

### Control the supply

Moderate functions of the system to influence and manifest desirable behavior of the currency. 

Bond system that the system can use to influence economic behavior

 Liquidity is critical to the success and that is the entire model of the system.

 Bonds and how they function in Olympus DAO. 


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