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Aug. 9, 2021

Ep 4 - Maki from Sushi Swap on building a true meritocracy & successfully managing decentralized

Ep 4 - Maki from Sushi Swap on building a true meritocracy & successfully managing decentralized

Running any startup is a bit nuts. Running one under the circumstances that Sushi faced is beyond all the norms and while Maki works hard to decentralize leadership, there's no mistaking that he is at the least guiding the team and the community down a path. I've been pretty amazed to see the quality out of chaos that the Sushi team & community makes and in this interview we get into how it happens. Every project should listen to the approach.

How he ended up in his role
His role as not being a leader
How to get funded projects
How to get on the team
All the projects that came from the community
Work of passion
Sushi community mandates
Meritocracy - all about the output.
What DeFi enables
Setting goals and how to meet them
Managing project progress

The list has been met 85% already in July
Decentralization is important as a forward looking goal. Right now not.
We are getting there. The evolution
Does not want to be held as needed. 

Will change the face of all organizations as a society. 

How they manage development projects
How they make sure projects are working for users - interviews
User focus groups to improve the experience
Analytics is next on the plate for across the protocol
Need a dashboard across the platform
Comparing against each other
Pairs data
Lots of iteration based on feedback
Ycombinator - Make something people want.
MISO - They needed a launch pad for average people to democratize things.
MISO was built so it is highly flexible and modularized for anyone to build something powerful.
Testing a Ycombinator for DeFi


Motto - Is it a win for Sushi?
Over 100 relationship discussions ongoing all the time.

Never talks about crypto
He exposed his identity initially for listings and then the rug caused a hit to his reputation.
Projects or people he thinks are important
All the tech giants have people coming to DeFi and it is critical to make sure we educate them. 





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