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March 7, 2022

Mission DeFi EP 45 - Andrew Yang's Lobby3 is here to help advance #DeFi. How they will do it & why. @AndrewYang @Lobby3d

Andrew Yang's Lobby3 is ready to educate the US Congress on how DeFi can help average people get ahead. 

I was a big supporter of Andrew Yang's during his presidential run. While I do believe that UBI is good policy, I primarily supported him, because he took a pragmatic and logical approach to solving problems that was non-partisan and welcoming. That is why when he announced he was forming a lobbying DAO to advance Web3/DeFi, I immediately let him know I was onboard and I wanted to interview him about it. 

  • Why he chose this fight
  • How they plan to make it work
  • How the org will be structured and the critical need for everyone to be involved
  • What it was like to jump from one campaign to another
  • I walked him through some use cases as well that I believe fit the mission to demonstrate DeFi in real life

I encourage you to get involved with this powerful community and movement. 

Guest Name: Andrew Yang

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Project Name: Lobby3

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