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Feb. 7, 2023

Mission: DeFi EP 86 - $450 trillion market - @DarrenCamas of @ipor_io

Project Name: IPOR Labs

Project URL:

Project Twitter URL:

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$450 Trillion market - IPOR is the LIBOR for DeFi

Gives everyone access to markets they never could before

Using DeFi Primitives

Equalizes the playing field for retail against whales

Gamified system for earning

Delegation capabilities for others to play for you

Solving the DAO engagement problem

How they grew to 16k community and the levels attained in the space

Creates levels of attainment in the community to be able to earn more

Significant decision making for DAO in terms of protocol functionality

Why it is so important.

Building a powerful BD team from TradFi and DeFi

Long time horizon for the project

Opportunities to earn in the ecosystem

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