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April 6, 2022

DeFi Lunch (Ep 112) - April 5, 2022 @Convex Finance @OpenZeppelin @Coinbase @Bancor $WAVES $USDN

  • DeFi Lunch (Ep 115) - April 8, 2022 @Convex Finance @OpenZeppelin @Coinbase @Bancor $WAVES $USDN
    • Brad getting a Mac Studio
    • Waves saga continues with USDN losing the peg
      • Lending was not the reason that it regained part of peg - per @GuyStewart
    • @CryptoCondom tweet on @Convex Finance exploit
      • @OpenZeppelin audit on behalf of @Coinbase
      • Poorly worded summary of what happened led to thinking Open Zeppelin was holding them hostage
      • How sensationalized language can cause problems
    • Bad @Algorand marketing.... Again
    • @Bancor as project to watch
    • Terra / Luna Do Kwon wants to take out MakerDAO
    • Is UST at same risk to lose peg as WAVES

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