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July 14, 2022

DeFi Lunch (Ep 158) - July 14, 2022 - @0xPolygon ($MATIC) is in with Disney & it's big! / #NFTs to $231b? / @BNBCHAIN adds scam alerts / @yankees pay in $BTC / @jerallaire - $USDC gaining on USDT /

@CelsiusNetwork declares bankruptcy - Chapter 11 - https://www.theblock.co/post/157491/crypto-lender-celsius-declares-chapter-11-bankruptcy-in-new-york

NFT market worth $231B by 2030? Report projects big growth for sector - https://cointelegraph.com/news/nft-market-worth-231b-by-2030-report-projects-big-growth-for-sector?utm_source=Telegram&utm_medium=social

BNB Chain adds scam alerts capability - DappBay - https://www.bnbchain.org/en/blog/dappbay-find-upcoming-dapps-and-screen-risk-level/

Polygon rallies 22% on Disney invitation euphoria — will MATIC price gains swell in July? - https://cointelegraph.com/news/polygon-rallies-22-on-disney-invitation-euphoria-will-matic-price-gains-swell-in-july?utm_source=Telegram&utm_medium=social

NEW YORK YANKEES STARTS PAYING EMPLOYEES IN BITCOIN - https://bitcoinmagazine.com/business/new-york-yankees-pay-employees-in-bitcoin

USDC gaining on USDT and disclosing assets monthly - https://twitter.com/jerallaire/status/1547608325478498307

Valk launches Merlin DeFi smart wallet - https://defi.valktech.io/

MakerDAO bug not noticed for 4 years could have destroyed the protocol - https://twitter.com/certorainc/status/1546849992597463040?s=28&t=FnYAe0l-yvQAuipMNnLCaA

Dove Metrics seed investing table - https://airtable.com/shrP7uEmnxbv7dUEV/tbllShMbhc5jooPRb/viwymTshkJuerbyeT


Joe Cawley and Brad Nickel cover the DeFi news of the day, new opportunities in the space including liquidity pools, yield farming, staking, and much more.  

This is not financial advice. Nothing said on the show should be considered financial advice. This is just the opinions of Brad Nickel, Joe Cawley, and our guests. None of us are financial advisors. Trading, participating, yield farming, liquidity pools, and all of DeFi and crypto is high risk and dangerous. If you decide to participate, do your own research. Never count on the research of others. We don't know what we are talking about and you can lose all your money. Never invest more than you can afford to lose, because you probably will lose it all.

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