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July 20, 2022

DeFi Lunch (Ep 161) - July 19, 2022 - Fear up to 30 / Major chains & their status / Gensler & SEC getting shredded in Congress / 3AC in some deep trouble / Lido Launching L2 staking / Lightning ATH

Fear and greed hits 30 and we're out of extreme fear range -

We climb into major chains and where they stand:

Gensler and the SEC getting shredded in Congress for extra jurisdictional actions and beckoning for projects to come in and talk and then hitting them with enforcement actions.

3AC mess gets uglier with 1000 page legal filing and we break out some of the issues:

Lido to launch liquid staking on Ethereum Layer 2 networks:

Bitcoin Lightning Network Capacity Hits New ATH of 4267 BTC:


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