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Sept. 22, 2022

DeFi Lunch (Ep 201) - Sept. 22, 2022 - @Coinbase wants centralized / @ziggy_xyz / @HQ_xyz / @nvidia Metaverse / Women Rule Crypto in UK / Dimon is still a dick

Discuss today's topics or anything else in DeFi, NFTs, GameFi, and finance on the Mission: DeFi Reddit -

Complaints without solutions - Elizabeth Warren on Twitter -

Cathie Wood on the Fed -

Mission DeFi EP 73 - Better growth, referrals, & rewards easier for DeFi projects. Bryan Altman of Ziggy discusses DAO Exchange & ChainVine -

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DAO Exchange -

World’s Largest ASIC Producer Bitmain Slashes Antminer Bitcoin Mining Rig Prices -

The Finance Dashboard for Web3 Teams -

NVIDIA Launches Omniverse Cloud Services for Building and Operating Industrial Metaverse Applications -

Kraken's Jesse Powell stepping down as CEO of crypto exchange -

Coinbase goes for centralized infrastructure -

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon Slams Crypto, Calls Bitcoin a Ponzi Scheme -

Women in the United Kingdom Are Investing in Digital Assets at a Greater Rate Than Men at 53.4% -

Brew Money -

Peach App | Buy and Sell Bitcoin -

Joe Cawley and Brad Nickel cover the DeFi news of the day, new opportunities in the space including liquidity pools, yield farming, staking, and much more. 

This is not financial advice. Nothing said on the show should be considered financial advice. This is just the opinions of Brad Nickel, Joe Cawley, and our guests. None of us are financial advisors. Trading, participating, yield farming, liquidity pools, and all of DeFi and crypto is high risk and dangerous. If you decide to participate, do your own research. Never count on the research of others. We don't know what we are talking about and you can lose all your money. Never invest more than you can afford to lose, because you probably will lose it all.

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