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Oct. 17, 2022

DeFi Lunch (Ep 216) - Oct. 14, 2022 - @AmplifiDAO Ep / Hackers = $3 b / MM to let crypto buys in wallet via ACH / #AppChains / @Tether backing / @Timeless_Fi Bunni /

Mission DeFi EP 78 - How to grow & reward your community through onchain events w/ @AdeptCamp from @AmpliFiDAO | Mission: DeFi -

Hackers have stolen record $3 billion in crypto this year -

Appchains are gaining serious momentum in crypto right now. -

Metamask to let U.S. Users Buy Cryptocurrencies Directly From Their Bank Accounts -

A major ecosystem development -

Tether is proud to announce that we have completely eliminated commercial paper from our reserves. -

Now you can track all the money lost to hacks in a single place

Bunni, a protocol that makes Uniswap v3 liquidity composable. -

Silent Research labs have worked on the privacy "silver bullet -

Wintermute Ventures leads Zerion's $12 million raise to shake-up crypto wallets -

Ethereum adds almost 90,000 new unique addresses daily since Merge went live -

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Joe Cawley and Brad Nickel cover the DeFi news of the day, new opportunities in the space including liquidity pools, yield farming, staking, and much more.

This is not financial advice. Nothing said on the show should be considered financial advice. This is just the opinions of Brad Nickel, Joe Cawley, and our guests. None of us are financial advisors. Trading, participating, yield farming, liquidity pools, and all of DeFi and crypto is high risk and dangerous. If you decide to participate, do your own research. Never count on the research of others. We don't know what we are talking about and you can lose all your money. Never invest more than you can afford to lose, because you probably will lose it all.

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