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March 8, 2023

DeFi Lunch (Ep 308) - Mar 8, 2023 - @neelsalami / @EclipseFND

Great interview today with Neel Salami the founder of Eclipse a rollup as a service provider for specialized protocols in DeFi, GameFi, and much more. This is a powerful platform that will make it easier for protocols to manage performance of their applications on whatever chain they choose. 

Eclipse website -

Ecplipse Twitter -

Neel's Twitter -

Discuss Eclipse in our community -


Brad's interview with Sam Williams of Arweave is live -

First 100% nuclear powered bitcoin mining -

TeraWulf Starts Nuclear-Powered Bitcoin Mining With Nearly 8,000 Rigs at Nautilus Facility -

Is Richard Heart or LV onesie as we like to call him going to jail? -

Mt. Gox creditors have until March 10 to register and choose repayment method -

Musk's non-apology apology to respected designer that also happens to have MD - beats the SEC in court -

Silk Road Bitcoins worth $1 billion move to Coinbase, another sell-off on the horizon? -

FTX Lawyers, Advisers Submit Nearly $40 Million Invoice For January Work -

FT's FTX/Bankman-Fried documentary -

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