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June 28, 2021

Ep 1 - Geyser provides liquidity as a service, but their new modular system could be a game changer for all of #DeFi

Ep 1 - Geyser provides liquidity as a service, but their new modular system could be a game changer for all of #DeFi

Geyser provides liquidity as a service, but their new modular system could be a game changer for all of #DeFi

Geyser is one of my favorite #DeFi tools, because it is a lego and it is an infrastructure piece and it allows anyone to use it to build something useful and launch their project, without having to deal with managing liquidity pools or yield farming. 

That isn't all though, their new version could change how all projects are developed and empower developers and non-developers to create anything they can imagine. 


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Intro of the basics of what Geyser does to help people setup Liquidity Pools, Yield Farming, and token distribution. 

Easy to use for developers and anybody that wants to deploy a pool. 

How they deployed their token completely through their system without using code.

How their tools will allow developers to create their own interface to the pools

What goes into setting up a Liquidity Pool. What do you need to think about. 

* Need LPs or funds to create your own liquidity

* Put funds into Uniswap, or Balancer, or Sushi

* Or do it from the ground up.

How they launched with only $10 in their liquidity pool

What was important to them:

1. Transparency and fully released code

2. Build strong community

3. Building robust software - Safe and future proof

Their test suite is 10 times the size of their code base. Takes 30 minutes to run a full test.

They never put any money in the LP after the $10.

No ability to edit or access the pools deployed on their platform. 

Step by step how they went from $10 in liquidity to 9 figures today without putting in another dime and with a completely fair launch based on their model and nothing else.

What they've done right and what the've learned along the way. 

How in their new version they've offered something more simple and for those that prefer it. 

How NFTs can play in their future and other interesting use cases including NFT farming. 

Finally we discuss the industry changing system they've created to make it possible for eventually anyone with or without development skills to be able to build a product or project they want to build. The possibilities are endless. 










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