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Sept. 24, 2021

EP 14 - DeFi Marketing With Dragon X - Callan Goldeneye is working to change how we buy ads & he's using DeFi

EP 14 - DeFi Marketing With Dragon X - Callan Goldeneye is working to change how we buy ads & he's using DeFi

Guest Info

Name of Guest: Callan Goldeneye
Name of Project: Dragon X
Twitter URL of Guest: https://twitter.com/callangoldeneye
Project Twitter URL: https://twitter.com/dragonxapp
Project URL: https://www.dragonx.app/
Project/Guest Description: Callan is the founder of Dragon X a DeFi platform for marketing.
Why they are a guest: I don't know of any platform like this in the market today and advertising is a critical component to success.

Freelance developer
Helped build a crypto exchange
That got him into crypto.

Problem they solve: Most crypto projects are banned from advertising. How to give them an outlet so they could gain new users that is simple and easy to use and drives users to their platforms.

Callan has always been an entrepreneur at heart and he previously started his own ad brokerage company which was the precursor to Dragon X.

Dragon X is a new marketing platform and protocol that gives DAOs, DEXs, Dapps and blockchain entrepreneurs a platform to reach new customers.

We discuss how he built the entire thing himself from scratch.

We walk through how their system works.
How projects can start generating users using the platform.
The tokenomics of the system that burns tokens when they are used for ads.

We also go deep into what it is like starting a project.
We cover the things that projects must learn to handle.

We also discuss how they will have to automatically adjust their algo price per click to adjust to the price of their token called DAX.

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