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June 28, 2021

Ep 2- DeFiSafety is working to help all of us make smarter and safer DeFi investment decisions.

Ep 2- DeFiSafety is working to help all of us make smarter and safer DeFi investment decisions.

This interview is with DeFiSafety(https://defisafety.com/). This team has created a rating and review system for DeFi projects so that investors can make smarter and safer decisions about their investments. 

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/DefiSafety


Discord - https://discord.com/invite/pzUw5V2E65


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What DeFiSafety is and does. 

How aerospace background helped them understand quality levels

Their focus is on transparency, access, and overall quality

How they ended up in the DeFi space

Created a protocol/process for reviewing

How to incentivize people to improve their transparency is by earning a better score. 

Have moved into Binance projects and now are in polygon projects

Lucas background is entrepreneurial 

What their review process is like. 

* Transparency

* Open source of code and visibility

* Documentation that includes docs like White papers and then actual code documentation are important

Shows they understand the software and how it works and explains the purpose. 

Governance protocols that determine what devs can do on every project, how code is controlled, etc.

How they deal with anonymous teams

What teams have gotten the best score



Nobody gets a perfect score

What is coming next for their system

Ways to customize and use it.

Whether this could be a crowdsourced project.  

How projects react to them and how they react to their discussion of it.

Are they concerned about legal issues with respect to their reviews having an impact on prices. 


How their business functions. 

Raised a round of funding.

What revenue will look like for them. 

Have survived on Bitcoin grants and donations from individuals. 

Working on a subscription model for upgraded reports. 

Won't have any obligation to actual protocols. 

How BSC is all copy/pasta or the same team developing. 

Their traffic grows when hacks happen

Building a bigger team of experts. 

What it is like working as a father and son team

Their most important people in DeFi.


Tags: Yearn, Andre, Mbased, Top ten rated projects on DeFi, Worst rated projects, Compound, Grif Green(commonstack) DAO, 



How even projects with private repos can get a high score


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