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Oct. 14, 2021

EP 21 - Francesco Renzi of SuperFluid - Streaming payments could change everything about money, lending, and investing.

Guest Info

Name of Guest: Francesco Renzi
Name of Project: SuperFluid
Twitter URL of Guest: https://twitter.com/FrancescoRenziA
Project Twitter URL: https://twitter.com/superfluid_HQ
Project URL: https://www.superfluid.finance/home

Projects using Superfluid




Show Notes

No tech background
ICO 2017
Completely sucked into it.
Teaching self to code
Built products in crypto
Ardai was a product derivatives on top of defi
Composable money legos
Split interest from principle / compound
ETH Berlin
Moving without tx registering

Capital advances for businesses can be automated
Auto-invest incomes
Automatically take a percentage of funds that come into a wallet and invest in a particular token, etc.

How doing it?

Ardai - Donations

Create super tokens
Extends tokens
Dynamic balances
Gasless transactions
Understand how token works.
Mapping of a address and a balance
Store data to calculate balance
X amount of tokens every second
time is based on blocks time

Net txs $1000 per month - spending on rent
funds I am receiving

Ricochet.exchange DCA platform

Dropped everything
3 years of learning
Grants for a few orgs

Using all kinds of stuff

Creating assets social tokens
DAO tokens


Credit markets
Provable income on chain

Scaling people and projects
Explaining it to regulators
@TwoBitIdiot and @Coincenter Shoutouts

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