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Oct. 18, 2021

EP 22 - Kyle Samani thinks DeFi ETH has hit a wall & Solana will prevail

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Guest Info

Name of Guest: Kyle Samani
Name of Project: Multicoin Capital
Twitter URL of Guest:
Project Twitter URL:
Project URL:
Project/Guest Description: Founder and CEO of Multicoin Capital
Why they are a guest: Powerful member of the investing world. Hedge, Venture Capital, etc.

Show Notes

How they built Multicoin Capital with content
How his Venture fund operates.
How his hedge fund oeprates
How they are able to keep their staff to be only 14 people
@SushiSwap, @Uniswap, etc. work well, but not great for trading.
What he sees coming next in DeFi
How long can AMMs and high APYs exist
Why he thinks it is good.
Projects like @DYDX live in their own bubble
Ethereum has hit a wall.
Why he thinks Solana will overtake
Developer uptake and how to measure it
Says absolute tidal wave of amazing projects coming on Solana
Where he thinks @NearProtocol is at this point and what they have to do to succeed.
The amazing @Superfluid and why they invested in it as a primitive and about the team
How he thinks we can start permeating the "real world" more with DeFi starting with NFTs and connecting it to DeFi or the world's largest casino.

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