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Aug. 20, 2021

Ep 7 - Breaking the Rules of Lending & Decentralization with Robert Lauko of Liquity

Ep 7 - Breaking the Rules of Lending & Decentralization with Robert Lauko of Liquity

Learn everything you need to know about the amazing lending protocol called Liquity. My guest Robert Lauko and his partners and team have creating a lending protocol that breaks all the rules and as we get to during the podcast, may have an even greater impact on all of DeFi and finance. 

Disclaimer: Nothing Brad Nickel or his guests say during this podcast should be taken as investment advice. We are not investment advisors and the opinions expressed here are just opinions and not an inducement to any investment or strategy. Do your own research. Trading cryptocurrencies is very high risk and you should never invest more than you can afford to lose.

What is radical decentralization

How it can be interest free and still work

How their instant liquidation model works and why

How all the pieces of the system fit together

Why it was created in the first place and how the entire thing came about

How the stablecoin of the protocol LUSD stabilizes and gets stabilized in the protocol. 

How rapidly they have grown and why. 

Where they are taking the protocol next

Who the biggest skeptic of the protocol was. You'll be surprised. 

We get into theoretical discussions about USDC and ethereum forks from a question posted by Hasu on Twitter. 

and so much more. This is a learning episode and not only will you learn about Liquidity, but you will learn how these protocols are born and what it is like to build and release one. 




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