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Aug. 23, 2021

Ep 8 - Frax' Sam Kazemian Thinks Algo Stablecoins are the Future & Has a Plan to Replace the CPI

Ep 8 - Frax' Sam Kazemian Thinks Algo Stablecoins are the Future & Has a Plan to Replace the CPI

The people in this space working to change the world for the better are a delight to interview and Sam Kazemian was exceptional. If you are like me, your head will be spinning with what is possible after you listen to this episode. Financial freedom is coming and people like Sam and projects like Frax are going to push the boundaries for all of us. 

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This was a discussion that covered every aspect of Sam's project Frax in the world of crypto and Finance. We discussed his start mining Doge in his dorm room, his progression into building a better Wikipedia called Everipedia, how the idea for Frax was conceived, and why he thinks it is so important. We also got into why he thinks Bitcoin and Ethereum can't be a unit of currency for normal things and how important one will be that adjusts dynamically like Frax. 

Sam goes deep into not only how and why Frax works and maintains its peg to USD, but how the team is working to create a global consumer price index(CPI) that they are currently calling the Frax Price Index, we also deep dive into the extension of the Frax AMO into other platforms and what the team is doing next. 

Frax Website - https://frax.finance

Frax on Twitter - https://twitter.com/fraxfinance

Frax on Telegram - https://t.me/fraxfinance

Sam on Twitter - https://twitter.com/samkazemian

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