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Aug. 27, 2021

EP 9 - Alan Chiu & Boba - Faster, cheaper, privacy centric transactions for #DeFi on #Ethereum

EP 9 - Alan Chiu & Boba - Faster, cheaper, privacy centric transactions for #DeFi on #Ethereum

From Stanford business school to distributed cloud services to blockchain, hear Alan's journey to crypto and DeFi and why he and his partner are so driven to make Boba work. 

While driven by privacy/performance, Alan and the team are creating a model that could drive 100s of new developers into blockchain and DeFi with their hybrid computing model that makes it easy for devs to build applications requiring more processing than is possible on Ethereum, while still leveraging blockchain for those applications. 



They are also working on a derivative tracking capability for NFTs. 

I was really impressed with their engaged and smart community. 

Enya's goal is to restore balance of power between users/companies over data

Started with edge part to use cryptography on phones

Realized needed decentralized infrastructure.    

Step one is making Ethereum able to reach 7 billion people on the planet

Explains how roll-ups work. 

How the changes get written

Starting more centralized, but later will be more decentralized. 

3rd party operators will be stakers that prove the changes.

Expects 50X improvement in performance

Why Optimism

Differences: No 7 day withdrawal period

Their bridging method is minutes with stakers verifying

Will work with multiple bridges

Hybrid allows people to deploy to AWS, for example

Allows for machine learning/AI, etc. 

Is a hybrid decentralized and centralized model.

Allows for much more powerful applications

Already developing a dev network and working to get them onboard the platform

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