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Nov. 4, 2021

Mission DeFi - EP 25 - Automate This! - Hilmar Orth of Gelato Network - How Gelato overcame the inherent problems with automation in crypto

Guest Info

Name of Guest: Hilmar Orth
Name of Project: Gelato Network
Twitter URL of Guest: https://twitter.com/hilmarxo
Project Twitter URL: https://twitter.com/gelatonetwork
Project URL: https://twitter.com/gelatonetwork
Project/Guest Description:
Why they are a guest:

Show Notes

Finance as undergrad
Tech background
2017 -2018
Experiment with blockchain

Started working with blockchain with large companies in Germany.
Started working in finance and had a bad experience.

Gnosis - Got to know the team and worked on a project for them called DutchX to fill large orders. Were tasked to help firms automatically place / start large auctions so that projects could sell tokens over time rather than in a large ICO.

Required an external impulse to execute the transaction.
The problem is, you have to approve transactions, so automation wasn't possible like you would in tradfi or banks couldn't be done.

So decided to build a solution to solve the problem for all of crypto.
Received a grant from Gnosis and then built the platform.
Most widely used projects using them. Zerion, instadapp, MakerDAO, and many others using for 1000s of transactions per day.

Discussed how it works.
Client that accepts the jobs needed and then runs them for them.
Set conditions.

What the future holds.
What they would like to see happen.

Whether he thinks they will have a model that will let consumers create their own automations using Gelato.

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