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March 1, 2022

Mission: DeFi EP 43 - Matt West: Engineer, Yearn Strategist, & Solidity dev running for Congress @mattdwest

We've got one shot to make sure we have the right Congress for #DeFi and Matt West couldn't be more crypto native. He's the right candidate at the right time and all of crypto should be backing his candidacy against an anti-crypto candidate. 

We cover Matt's background as an Intel engineer and more importantly as a Yearn strategist / Solidity developer and his background from the earliest days of bitcoin. We couldn't get a more pure crypto candidate than Matt West. 

What are his chances?

What is his district like?

Why is he running this crazy race at this crazy time?

How he plans to win. 

What issues are important.

and much more. 

Matt is a delight and he deserves our support. I'd like to see an entire Congress filled with scientists and engineers. 

Guest: Matt West

Campaign Website:

Guest URL:

Check out Matt West's commercial announcing his run for Congress as a scientist / engineer:



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