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April 18, 2022

Mission: DeFi EP 52 - Jack Niewold - Researcher, influencer, & writer stirring up the DeFi space.

My guest today is Jack Niewold of Crypto Pragmatist

  • Paladin vote lending model
  • Jack is bullish on Governance models.
  • Gallion DAO
  • $LUNA $UST and Do Kwon and are they a threat to crypto in general? We discussed this the day his tweet thread went out about the risks inherent in the protocol.
  • $USDC and our ability to get away from it
  • We discussed $BEAN and this was recorded before the exploit, but the model still stands
  • Bad websites and documentation in DeFi
  • Radical decentralization
  • Underpaid devs at Ethereum Foundation
  • Projects and people he admires/likes in crypto
  • Taking time off from crypto Twitter every weekend.
  • How he structures his investments
  • How he handles his thesis and what it is
  • What he thinks will happen with consolidation

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