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May 6, 2022

Mission DeFi EP 57 - Hundred Finance - Borrow on 1 chain against tokens on another? @HundredFinance (Acid Bird & TerraBellus) /

  • Interview from May of 2022 Acid Bird & TerraBellus
    • Project Name: Hundred Finance
    • Project URL:
    • Project Twitter:
    • Guest Names: Acid bird and TerraBellus
    • A more conservative lending protocol
    • The magic of mirroring gives users the power to use tokens on one chain towards lending and borrowing on another chain without having to bridge from one chain to the next
    • Goal is a full multichain lending system
    • The difficulties of dealing with protocols across multiple chains and how difficult it can be to be reliant upon the security and code of other protocols
    • Lendly is a powerful new tool for projects to use for their own funding needs by allowing them to borrow using their native token as collateral

Theme music is Messed Up Again by Honeycutts -

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