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Oct. 4, 2022

Mission DeFi EP 76 - Critical Decentralized Oracle System - Nick Fett of Tellor ( @WeAreTellor )

Mission DeFi EP 76 - Critical Decentralized Oracle System - Nick Fett of Tellor ( @WeAreTellor )

Oracles are critical infrastructure in DeFi, but most of the options we have today are centralized and at risk for censorship or failure. It could literally take down the entire system. Nick Fett and his founding partners have been working since 2018 to build a truly decentralized oracle system that can withstand threats and they are starting to get the kind of traction that is critical to the success of all of DeFi.

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Project Name: Tellor

Project URL:

Project Twitter:

Guest Name: Nick Fett

  • Economist
  • Started working at CFTC
  • Joined the blockchain working group there
  • Left in 2017
  • Started with the idea of starting a derivatives project on a sidechainGot an Ethereum Foundation grant
    Did a research paper on why it was a bad idea
  • The problem he hit at that time was the oracle problem. There were no real oracles at the time
  • The original oracle was a guy that setup a server, but he quit.
  • Decided to pivot from derivatives into solving the Oracle problem in 2018
  • Chainlink wasn't launched yet. Nothing really existed.
  • He was determined from the beginning to be decentralized
  • ICO days
  • How difficult it was to raise money
  • Built the entire project in 2019 and launched their token
  • How their decentralized oracles work as a marketplace for information
  • Stakers and Reporters.Stakers stake and then can request data
    Reporters then post the data and race to be first
    Anyone can protest that data is incorrect and reporters can lose their staked money
  • Gas costs make streaming data difficult
  • Doing anything on a blockchain fast is a bad idea.
  • Original platform was a proof of work protocol that facilitated toke n emissions
  • Couldn't get anyone to take it.
  • How they went out to promote it and get anyone involved

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