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Oct. 7, 2022

Mission DeFi EP 77 - Revest / Resonate - Taking NFTs to another level of DeFi - Rob Montgomery

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  • Guest Name: Rob Montgomery
  • Guest Twitter:
  • Project Name: Revest
  • Project URL:
  • Project Twitter:
  • Project Name: Resonate
  • Project URL:
    • His background as very early in Bitcoin/crypto
    • How their new NFT model allows for embedding dapps into NFTs
    • What Revest is and how it works
    • Revest has beomce more of an engine
    • Very composable system
    • Lock tokens or positions into NFTs
    • How they've experimented and made changes to their model
    • How Liquid Driver helped them change their model
    • How their NFTs are a smart wallet
    • Revest tokenizes fungible into non-fungible
    • How Resonate not only demonstrates the power of Revest, but also is a powerful platform that solves a big issue for protocol liquidity and users
    • How they coped with the hack they experienced, but kept building
    • What they've done to integrate better security procedures into their process and systems

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Rob MontgomeryProfile Photo

Rob Montgomery


Vesting is a contentious discussion and decision process for all new projects that take on early investors. What if there was a way for early investors to exit before their lockup period ends without impacting the price of a token. Revest is solving that problem and much more with a powerful platform that locks tokens in NFTs.

That isn't all this project can do though and there are dozens of ways for this powerful tech to be used. Rob Montgomery and their talented team are creating a better way to manage vesting and much more as they proceed.