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July 21, 2022

Mission DeFi EP 65 - DeFi on Bitcoin?!? - The Stacks ecosystem is growing fast & our guests are the foundations of it - Kyle Ellicott, Albert Liang, & Will Corcoran

Really enjoyed this interview with the Stacks funding ecosystem team. Amazing path forward for Stacks and the massive opportunity for DeFi on Bitcoin.

Project Name: Stacks

Project URL(see more below):


What we covered:

  • What Stacks is and how it functions
  • All about the funding, grant, and accelerator ecosystem around Stacks
  • How they plan to plan and build a massive environment
  • What money is available and how to get it to build on Stacks
  • How to learn the language Clarity that powers smart contracts on Stacks
  • Why they believe Clarity is a safer, more secure and better language


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