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June 2, 2022

DeFi Lunch (Ep 142) - June 2, 2022 - @RitualTypist about the @gelatonetwork spinout he's leading - @ArrakisFinance, $SOL crashes again, @CryptoHayes - Shut it Down! & more $GEL $SPICE $BTC

Guest: Kassandra - @RitualTypist leading @ArrakisFinance spun out of @gelatonetwork

Major crypto firms reportedly cut up to 10% of staff amid bear market

What does this mean for the status of NFTs and tokens in crypto as it relates to securities regulations? Former OpenSea exec arrested and charged with insider trading of NFTs | TechCrunch

VCs not seeing a bear market for their investments - Binance's VC arm raises $500 million fund — its first with outside capital

Love this protocol and its potential beyond initial use case - (2) skøgard on Twitter: "Today, Cell protocol finally goes LIVE on Ethereum mainnet. https://t.co/ZpfZXPQMad" / Twitter

Cell Intro

Solana crashed again for 4.5 hours and is losing credibility daily and value - Solana just crashed once again. Our nodes saw block production flatline at around 16:26 UTC. The network has been dead for exactly an hour and looks like validators will have to coordinate a restart on Discord. https://t.co/Vb50V8xbcU" / Twitter

Arthur Hayes with another brilliantly written piece on what we are facing in the future for crypto and the wider economy - Shut it Down! by Arthur Hayes | Jun, 2022 | Entrepreneur's Handbook

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