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April 20, 2022

Mission: DeFi EP 54 - @FattyBagz on growing one of the largest DAOs in the world at @OlympusDAO & what founders & DAO members need to know

FattyBagz ended up in DeFi through OlympusDAO and was able to apply his experience and expertise in marketing to helping grow the DAO and he learned a ton of valuable lessons along the way. 

He also had a massive life-changing experience that changed his approach to life and people and we discussed that in detail.

So many amazing lessons in this episode. Do not miss it. 


- Raised by hippy mom and Vietnam vet Dad on a Hindu compound.

- Started in Bitcoin mining, but got rugged in Mt Gox

- Was an Ethereum guy, but otherwise was just buying tokens, but not really doing DeFi. Was cautious

- A friend introduced him to $OHM

- Professional experience is in marketing and understanding the psychology of human beings and how they respond to things

- Was amazed by the community and their generosity and Jawz sent him Ethereum for gas

- Zeus proposed they create a DAO

- Proposed ways to acquire users and how to target the different types of users properly

- Then became the Marketing Stratego - essentially the head of marketing

- Amazed at the caliber of people that were in offering to help

- Consults to cannabis companies

- How the team was built

- How they figured out which ones were willing to do the work

- How things were handled before operations and how important it is to have opps

- Wanted a flat org, but also realized that some hierarchy was necessary

- Compensation: Originally just volunteers and nobody really expected it

- Social component to the DAO is so important. Really a fundamental aspect of social release

- Take time when allowing people to join your DAO, but vet people properly

- Tips for interacting and communicating

- The steps needed to get a DAO/community started right

- Critical to have a comms person that just moves back and forth between teams to help everyone know what is going on.

- How to structure teams

- What kind of people to "hire"

- How an insane tragic event in his life prepared him for this role better than anything could have. An amazing story.

- What the cascading liquidations like for the team and how they coped.

- What we think about it all

- What is the future of OlympusDAO?

- What he will doing next. NFTs

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