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Dec. 13, 2021

Mission DeFi - EP 31 - Spirit Swap is breaking new ground & giving back to DeFi

Name of Guests:
Sid, Rob, Heesh, & Nick

Name of Project:  Spirit Swap

Twitter URL of Guests:

Project Twitter URL: https://twitter.com/Spirit_Swap

Project URL: https://www.spiritswap.finance/

  Background in video game development
  went to school for it.
  Kept up to speed read bitcoin standard
  Move on from job 1.5 years ago as a video game dev at Mirosoft
  Heesh was teaching him a few things about DeFi
  Said, lets build something
  Crypto in 2017 crash with nothing to actually do in crypto
  Started using Synthetix and other projects
  Liked smart contracts
  Was following Fantom since 2019
  DeFi Summer came and got completely into DeFi and farming, etc.

  Computer science background
  Internship at the bank
  Sid and rob met through work

  Ascension into the core team
  Read the bitcoin white paper one day hung over
  Did some research, but couldn't figure it out at the time
  2013 when he started seeing Bitcoin get price action
  2017 he's working in digital marketing
  Saw Ethereum
  Used EtherDelta one of the first dex
  Discovered Fantom and was early in the ecosystem
  Staking for collateral and minting stables fascinated him
  Then Spirit Swap came out and became a community member
  So decided to move him up on to the team
  Setup structure and managing the community

Discussed meritocracy of DeFi

Spirit swap as leaders

Use Gather as their office space

Heesh, Rob, and other members of the team have met in person

Leading in the community is a big part of their mission and they reach out to new projects to help them.

They understand wanting to grow Fantom is important for them and all of Fantom.

They have to build trust with projects and it is difficult to look into each project to make sure there are no issues. They feel like the responsibility is very important.

Nick and Sid handle a lot of the due diligence

Try to get them to dox to them to meet them and get to know.

First project together was an NFT project called NFDoge

   That was how they learned what each member of the team was good at and what roles they would have

   Canceled the project and moved on to Spirit

Great lessons about getting to know each other and starting on a simple project first. Fail and then move on.

If you start small and can have limited success and move your community over

They did want to move into a hedge fund / asset management and worked on planning that.

Then they saw from that what was missing on Fantom and decided to build a dex

Discussed how Nick helped them create an operational plan and think about what they are building.

How they all were receptive to getting organized.

Started with a Uniswap fork.

Focusing now on building a stronger AMM.

Focusing on the exchange components more

Deleted Alpha!

Other new releases

   Ecosystem pools

   Ape mode

  1-click leverage long

Missionary / Mercenary

What is next

What their philosophy is about the project

Moving to a full DAO and the steps they have to take to get there.

The impact of OlympusDAO and other projects on Spirit Swap

New UI and how many team members they have

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