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March 17, 2022

Mission: DeFi EP 48 - Paladin is solving the DAO governance problem & providing powerful incentives to make it work


- Project Name: Paladin

- Project URL:

- Project Twitter:

- Project Telegram:

- Project Discord:

- Project Medium:

- Guests:

- Name: Figue

- Guest Twitter:

- Name: Alejandro

- Guest Twitter:

- Show Notes

- A better method for governance involvement

- Vote lending

- Safer and stronger than current models

- Allows founders to move projects forward

- Solves the quorom problem

- Could revolutionize public company governance eventually

- Tokenomics

- Paladin - The Dapp

- Warden

- PAL Tokenomics

- Tier 1 - PAL (Speculative layer)

- Tier 2 - hPAL, or Holy PAL (Contributor layer)

- Tier 3 - locked hPAL (Aligned Contributor Layer)

- The Chest

- PrimeLaunch via Dutch auction of the PAL token on March 21.

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